Theme and Background of 2006

Theme of the 2006 Consultation ‘’Risks & Responsibilities

The theme of the Consultation ‘’Risks & Responsibilities’’, had signified the increased risks that men who have sex with men face through sexual practices and cultural vulnerabilities, and the risks of not addressing these with adequate, appropriate and sufficiently funded HIV prevention, treatment care and support interventions. This had also flagged the responsibilities of men for protecting themselves and their partners, and the responsibilities of governments, donors and other stakeholders in ensuring resources and environments that enable good-quality HIV programmes and services for prevention, treatment, care and support.

Background of 2006

Despite evidence, establishing male-to-male sex as one of the driving forces of HIV transmission in Asia and The Pacific, only a few HIV interventions strategically focus on prevention, treatment, care and support for men who have sex with men.

In recognition of the need for building and strengthening interventions addressing HIV-related vulnerabilities of men who have sex with men in Asia and The Pacific, a Male Sexual Health and HIV in Asia and the Pacific International Consultation was being organized in New Delhi, India from September 23 to 26, 2006: ‘’Risks & Responsibilities.’’

This International Consultation had brought together governments, policy-makers, donors, researchers, grassroots and community based organisations across Asia and The Pacific to provide a space for dialogue and learning, to enable expansion, strengthening and scaling up of strategies addressing male sexual health and related HIV vulnerabilities. In addition, the consultation has had provided an opportunity to inform and develop strategic advocacy initiatives and deliberate on key policies related to these issues.