Outcomes of 2006

The outcome of the ‘’Risks & Responsibilities’’ Consultation included:

  • A Declaration of Commitment by policymakers, civil society and donors
  • An agreed set of principles on male sexual health, relating to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support;
  • An enhanced knowledge base on the technical, cultural, social and policy issues relevant to male-to-male sexual behaviours in Asia and The Pacific, which may take the form of technical resource kits;
  • Recommendations for action regarding epidemiology and other strategic information, intervention strategies, rights and legal issues, and resources allocation, In short: strategies that will facilitate and assure inclusion of male-to-male sexuality in national and sub-national HIV frameworks for action;
  • Identification of key strategic advocacy initiatives and policies that need to be developed and maintained in relation to male sexual health and vulnerability to HIV;
  • A pan Asia and Pacific network of governments, organisations and institutions to generate and share strategic information and coordinate advocacy for policy changes, social justice, rights, and an equitable allocation of public, donor and private sector resources for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for men who have sex with men This network will ensure that male sexual health issues remain on the nations‘ HIV agenda in Asia and The Pacific and at all relevant national, regional and global HIV conferences and meetings.